Here are some tips for how you can brighten someone’s day this week of Christmas:

– Baked goods are a great way to “tip” or show your appreciation for folks if you are on a strict budget.  If you’re getting out of debt, you don’t have money to buy $10 gift cards for your barber, baker, mail carrier, dog sitter, doctor, pharmacist, coworkers and all your kids’ teachers.  Bake them some cookies and a little note, and you’ll be good.

– If you go out to eat in the next 72 hours, please tip well.  Those folks are not there by choice – they’d rather be the ones eating out with their families, or at least at home with their families, not running around refilling drinks for an extra dollar.  Be gracious, and start your tipping in the fifty percent range instead of the normal fifteen to twenty percent.

– Don’t fight over a parking space.  It won’t go well.  Be the bigger person, and let the small, selfish one have the stupid parking space.  Don’t get worked up about it.  (Preaching to myself here.)

– Keep your head up, eyes open, and heart ready for opportunities to bless people.  They will present themselves, if you’re watching.