It’s game time, y’all!

Begin today, if you haven’t already.  Begin anywhere.  At the very least, make one choice that will take you the direction you want to go.

You don’t have to do it all right now.  You can’t do it all right now; that’s impossible!

Where do you want to go?  Make a choice today that will take you that way.

I’m going to start making some choices this week that will take me to where I want to go.  I find that when I make goals, I don’t always hit them, but often I go farther with a goal that is written, defined, and measurable than if I just say “I want to be better at _____”

So, here we go, my goals for 2015:

  • Serve 150 coaching clients
  • Create and launch three new products for me, and help Nancy create and launch three
  • Reach 175 pounds by April and stay there throughout the year
  • Second shoot for 25 weddings
  • Keep the NRP Studio running strong (with Callie) while Nancy is on maternity leave (OMG!)
  • Read 12 books, including The Expectant Father, The Birth Partner, Smart Money, Smart Kids, The Blessed Life, Money: Master the Game, and Paid to Speak.  What are you reading this year?
  • Become a Nationally Certified Bookkeeper
  • Have this baby’s nursery (in which I currently sit) ready by May 1
  • Be a good coach/partner for Nancy though labor and delivery
  • Have a better attitude.  I’ve battled with the chatterbox all year, especially in the last few months.  I’m struggling with how to properly measure/define/quantify this, as it all starts in between my ears.  But it comes out my mouth, and so maybe less negative talk is the goal.  What do you think? I would love your thoughts on this!
  • Continue blogging at least three times each week
  • Plan and go on an excellent “babymoon” with Nancy in March or early April

Those are my goals this year, at least a few of them!  I have some more stirring that I need to think about.  Let’s go make them happen!

What are your goals this year?  

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