It’s the first Monday of the New Year.  Maybe your are just tearing out of the gate, ready to roll.

You were at the gym with another 129 people in your neighborhood that are feeling the same way.  You’re going to slash your budget so hard that you reach your financial goals by March 1.  You’re gonna blog like you’ve never blogged before, pray like you’ve never prayed before, read like you’ve never read before, exercise like you’ve never exercised before, and journal like you’ve never journaled before.

Can I offer one suggestion?

Slow down.


Yes, slow down.

It’s easy to get caught up in the fervor and excitement of the New Year, a new start and fresh resolutions.  The bad news is that we burn out easily, especially if we’ve not done before what we’re trying to do now.

This is one of the reasons I LOVE the book The Compound Effect.  The quote above sums up the premise of the book pretty well.

Small, Smart Choices  +  Consistency  +  Time  =  RADICAL DIFFERENCE

The “compound effect” of small choices over a long period of time equals a huge change from where you were to where you are today!  Doing this, we don’t have to put so much pressure on ourselves, and we don’t have to crash quite as hard if we fail to live up to our own [unrealistic] expectations for ourselves.

So, instead of working out every day for an hour, why not get into a groove of 2-3 times/week?
Instead of blogging every day, try to create some quality content one time a week.
Instead of a 90 minute quiet time, just try to spend 20 minutes in the Word and prayer.
In your budget, just try to put more on debt or save more than you did last month.

Start small, stay consistent, and see the results stack up over time!