It’s the first Tuesday Tips for 2015!  This is your year!

– If you haven’t been paying attention to your money like you should, now is a great time to start.  Be prepared for it to be harder and take longer to get cleaned up and organized initially.  It won’t take as long in the future – stick it out, and it will get better.

– Budgeting will take you much longer and be more difficult the first time around.  Trust me, it’s gonna be ugly.  You’ll be incorrect on your projections, you’ll overspend, and mess up.  That’s ok!  It’s all part of the process.  No one does it right the first time, and it takes 90 days for you to really get into the swing of things.  Don’t quit!

– Begin this year with the end in mind.  How much do you want to have saved?  How much debt do you want to have paid off?  How much do you want to have saved for retirement?  How much do you want to have for a down payment?  Where do you want to be at this time next year?  Answer these questions.  Even if you don’t hit your goals, you’ll be closer than if you hadn’t planned at all!