After a random drawing, I’m excited to announce the two winners of the 2015 book giveaway are…

Heather and Debbie C.!

Heather said this about her 2015:

In 2015 I want to commit to hand drawing more as a discipline to really “work out those muscles” so to speak and get better at sketching the world around me. In a practical sense, my husband and I also really want to keep track of our budget better and continue to save toward our dreams for our family. Both of these books look like they would be helpful for us but after reading the reviews, I think the Simple Wealth book would be really great for us to read right now.

Debbie C. said:

Will, great idea! 2015 will be a year of deliberate saving for future expenses (furniture, replacement car, home maintenance) and focusing on funding 401(k)s and possibly some after-tax investment vehicle, too. It’s a total change from 2014, which was filled with travel and adventure, but little savings. Also, I want to get a job so we can accomplish the financial goals more quickly!

Heather will be receiving a copy of Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth, and Debbie will be receiving a copy of The Compound Effect!