It’s Valentine’s Week!  Here are some Valentine’s Day-inspired tips for your money!

– When you’re working to get out of debt, maybe the swankiest meal in town isn’t the wisest choice for you.  If you have any culinary skill at all, consider trying your hand at cooking a romantic dinner at home!  There are tons of resources online to help you do that – Pinterest, anyone?

– Talking with your love (whether married or not) about your financial situation is the best way to relieve some of the pressure around Valentine’s day and set mutual expectations for what kind of Valentine’s you’ll have.  Some years, maybe you’ll go all out – other years, you might not go quite as big.  Being open and honest about your finances will help manage each other’s expectations!

– The local farmers market is a great place to pick up flowers any time of the year, and often for less than your nearby florist.

– Plan ahead!  You can always save more money if you give yourself more time!