– Your budget should reflect your priorities.  What’s most important to you?  Investing, getting out of debt, saving, giving?  Maybe your priority is living a comfortable life?  Your budget might say it is!

– Giving, saving, and investing, if they’re true priorities for you, shouldn’t happen last, they should happen first.  You’ll never save anything if you save “as much as possible” at the end of the month when all the spending is said and done.  Temper your spending to fit in with your real priorities.

– A good way to force your continued action on those priorities is auto-draft for your savings or investments.  On the 15th of each month, a sum of money is drafted from our checking account without notice and invested into mutual funds within our Roth IRA’s.  There’s no choice to make; there’s nothing to remember, it just happens.  You can use the same tactic with giving and saving as well!