With the advent of Dave Ramsey’s new budgeting tool EveryDollar (full review pending), let’s talk about your monthly budget!  It’s the last day of the month, so if you haven’t you need to hammer that baby out today for April!

– Your budget should be done before the month begins.  Start with your monthly income, put that at the top and then give “every dollar” a purpose.  That purpose can be spending, saving, or giving, but everything needs something to do.

– Make sure you don’t have any “extra” left over.  If you’re going to save money, make sure you designate it for savings.  “Extra” will get up, walk away, and disappear, never to be seen again.  We’ve all experienced peering down into our wallet or pulling up our checking account balance, only to find out that we have less money than we thought!  Don’t leave extra in your budget.

– Make sure that you make a new budget every month.  You’re never going to have the “perfect” generic month.  Each month is different!  You’re going to spend less on heat than you did last month, and maybe you need to be saving for that summer vacation, so review your budget each month and create it based on what’s happening this month.