Nancy and I are thrilled to announce The Engaged Entrepreneur: a financial workshop for creative entrepreneurs!

In January of 2008, Nancy Miller shot her first wedding on her own for a good friend of mine while I was a groomsman.  Since then, we’ve grown into a wedding and family photography studio that serves dozens of  clients each year.  We’ve learned a lot in that time about how to effectively manage our business finances, and quite a few things not to do, too!  It took us a little while, but we have been profitable for years now and debt-free the whole way through!

I have the privilege of regularly working with creative entrepreneurs to help them take their understanding and money management to the next level.  Now we want to bring that to you, in an inspiring one-day workshop that will empower you, answer your questions and help you do three big things:
Know your Money • Be Free of Fear • Leave a Legacy. 


There’s so much to tell, that we’ve devoted a whole site to it!  Check out for all the information about the workshop, what we’ll cover, what to expect, and to register to join us!

The Engaged Entrepreneur: A financial workshop for creative entrepreneurs
Know Your Money • Be Free of Fear • Leave a Legacy
Monday, November 16, 2015
Raleigh, NC

We hope you’ll join us!