– I love a good Roth IRA.  You put taxed dollars in, and you get TAX-FREE dollars out, after it’s grown exponentially!  If your married joint income is below $183,000, a Roth IRA is definitely the way to go.  You can only put $5500 per person per year into a Roth IRA though.

– On top of that, an employer-sponsored 401(k) or 403(b) can allow you to save in a tax-favored investment that defers tax payments until you actually pull out the money.  In addition, many employers match your contribution up to a certain percentage, most 5% or less of your annual income.

– If you leave an employer, don’t leave your 401(k) there, and don’t cash it out!  Roll it over directly into a traditional IRA.  A good investment advisor can help you with that to make sure you don’t trigger any taxes when doing it.  Make sure your employer doesn’t write you a check for your 401(k) balance – they’re required to take taxes and a penalty out!  It needs to go directly into your traditional IRA.