A little over a month ago, Nancy and I had the privilege of traveling to California for a week ahead of Baby Ray’s arrival next month for a special “babymoon” trip for just the two of us.

We knew all along that we wanted to take a trip, but it took us a very long time to settle on a spot to visit.  Decisiveness is not one of our collective strengths.  We considered multiple locations in the Western US, and we also gave serious consideration to both Spain and Italy, before deciding with finality in late January to go to California at the beginning of March.

Our biggest mistake on most trips is to try to do too much, then we come home feeling exhausted; so we vowed not to do that this trip.  That’s really what put Europe out of the picture for us – I knew I would get over there and just die not running hard to see all we could, and that’s not the type of trip we wanted.

Furthermore, Nancy had a limited selection of activities that she could do while pregnant, so we needed to take that into consideration.  We settled on the northern part of California, particularly San Francisco (briefly), Yosemite National Park, and Carmel.  Nancy has a great brief rundown of our itinerary on her post about our trip.

I mentioned the limited selection of activities Nancy could do.  We couldn’t ski (which we love), couldn’t horseback (which we love), but we could hike, and did we ever.  In the first three days we hiked over 15 miles in Yosemite, including the Mist Trail, around Mirror Lake, and through Mariposa Grove.  Nancy was a machine!

nancyray-raybabymoon-1100 nancyray-raybabymoon-1097 nancyray-raybabymoon-1096 nancyray-raybabymoon-1090




My favorite part of the trip was probably Mariposa Grove, which features the Giant Sequoias, the largest living things on earth.  We took “the road less traveled” and went in the side of the loop that isn’t signed with “Enter Here.”  For a solid couple of hours, we maybe saw 8 people on our hike.  Otherwise, it was just us and these monstrous trees.

Mariposa Grove was our last day in Yosemite.  The next morning we rose early and drove across the central valley to Carmel, where we took on more of a relaxed posture with the pool and the spa at beautiful Carmel Valley Ranch.

nancyray-raybabymoon-1006 nancyray-raybabymoon-1012nancyray-raybabymoon-1011

One of our favorite parts was s’mores at the bonfire every night.  Yeah, like every single night.

We even had time for a little maternity session.  Photos by yours truly:

nancyray-raybabymoon-1034 nancyray-raybabymoon-1024 nancyray-raybabymoon-1031 nancyray-raybabymoon-1001

All of this made for one heck of a memorable time.  We were so thankful we were able to do this trip; it was just what we needed before this new season!