– You can gain some quick momentum by selling things, and spring is a perfect time to de-clutter and get rid of that stuff you’re not going to use.  Doing a yard sale can net you a few hundred dollars to throw on your smallest debt, or get a jump on an emergency fund.

– See if your neighborhood or area has a “yard sale” Facebook group.  Our neighborhood has one, expressly for buying and selling used stuff within the neighborhood for safety and convenience, any time of year!  If your neighborhood doesn’t have one, start one yourself!  You can give yourself and your neighbors a chance to make some money selling stuff they don’t need or getting great deals on stuff they do!

– Some ideas for things you can easily sell in a yard sale or Facebook group: tools, golf clubs, clothes, home decor, baby items, jewelry, electronics, furniture, lamps, records, DVDs, video games, hobby supplies, outdoor items, bags, accessories, small appliances, and so much more!  Get to selling!