– Summer is around the corner.  Did you put some money in your budget for vacation, travel, and spontaneous family outings?  It’s time to start thinking of those, if you haven’t yet!  It may take a few months of piling up cash to pay for that travel or vacation you have on the calendar.  Don’t let it sneak up on you!

– Summer also means new bathing suits, flip flops and other summer gear.  If you’re using an envelope system, maybe you’ve let some money pile up in the clothing envelope – this is a great time to let pull that money out make good use of it.

– When that HVAC system inevitably shuts down at the hottest part of the summer, you avoid putting the repair on the credit card by having an emergency fund.  A pile of cash to help you deal with unexpected problems in life can make all the difference!  When the HVAC goes out, the car needs a major repair, or you have an emergency room visit, an emergency fund keeps those home/auto/health emergencies from also becoming financial crises.