So we’re closing in on our due date here for Baby Ray; less than two weeks!  We laughingly refer to our due date as our “fake” due date, since who really knows when this baby’s going to arrive.  It will come when it wants to, from what we’ve heard from literally everyone who has told us their birth story.

As it draws closer, we’re learning more about what it’s going to cost to do this baby thing.  It comes with some expenses that we didn’t expect – or at least I didn’t – so we’re navigating those as they come.

Here are a few in particular that we’ve experienced, and how we’re dealing with them:

Nursery decor.  I’m a simple man.  I believe in function over form.  So of course this one would blindside me.  No way did I even think about spending hundreds of dollars on decorating a tiny room for a tiny individual who can’t even understand it.  That being said, I recognize that I’m unusual in that regard, and I do see the value in creating a warm and cozy environment for the little one.  So we set a budget, funded it through some money we had set aside, and Nancy is spending it with some help from an interior designer friend.

Diapers.  Dude.  This junk is expensive!  And nasty!  We’re big on cost savings, but we just haven’t been able to bring ourselves to do cloth diapers thus far.  I support and applaud those of you who do.  We’re planning to do disposable right now, and I’m working on an in-depth cost analysis, but if anyone has seen a really great cost analysis for diapers, I’d appreciate you helping a brother out and linking to it in the comments for everyone.

Since early this year, we’ve been setting aside extra money each month for baby expenses, and that’s piled up into a decent little fund.  That money that we have been setting aside will probably go from “Baby Savings” in our budget to “Diapers.”  It’s looking like we’ll have to spend around $40-50/month on name brand diapers, so what we’ve been setting aside will more than cover that, thankfully!  I’m very open to people’s suggestions on this!

Baby’s Insurance.  No, not baby life insurance from Gerber or anything like that – I don’t buy that stuff.  From my initial research, it looks like it’s going to cost around $140/month to get baby on our health insurance plan.  Nancy and baby will jump off the “Platinum” plan she’s currently on and get onto our normal, high-deductible plan, though she’ll probably end up having her own plan with baby until year’s end instead of joining mine.  Even though baby will be joining our plan and adding additional expense to it, the monthly premium decrease by changing our plan will cover that cost.

College Savings.  This is one we haven’t discussed much at all yet, and I don’t think we’ll really worry about it until Baby Ray is at least six months old.  But it’s not something we’ve thought about until recently, and I don’t know if we’ll force our children to go the traditional college route, so I don’t know if traditional college savings is something we’ll do.  I just don’t know at this point, but it’s something we’ve not thought about it that we need to really think about soon!

Lastly, thank the Lord for baby showers!  Can I get an amen?!  And thanks to our friends and family we didn’t have to shoulder the financial burden of adding to our family alone.  There’s little way around it; it’s dang expensive!  That’s some of the unexpected baby expenses that have popped up for us!

Question: Parents, what baby expenses have surprised you?  Are there any that snuck up on you without being prepared?