Wow wow wow what a whirlwind 3 weeks it has been!  We are celebrating three weeks with our little Milly Elizabeth Ray tomorrow, and we are so, so grateful.  I have a new respect for all parents, mine included.  It has been a challenging yet incredibly wonderful time.  Mama and baby are doing great!

Thanks for bearing with me as the blog has not been up to its usual schedule these last few weeks.  I fully intended to have more posts written ahead of time, but trying to fit everything in before the birth (including a new brand and website for Nancy) left me with too little time.  I have a bunch of ideas pent up waiting to be discussed and worked over!

Many, many people left congratulatory messages, sent gifts and food, and prayed for us.  Thank you!  We have felt incredibly loved and supported in the last few weeks!

I plan to write more about the experience, tell the whole story from my perspective, and share lots and lots of pictures.  For now, you can see some more pictures on my Instagram as well as Nancy’s.

The image above (and below) is courtesy of our great friend and incredible photographer Cheyenne Schultz, who drove from Charlotte to be with us during labor.  Ok, I’m off to get a little more of this (below), which is what I did for the first hour of her little life!  Be blessed!