– In a day where so much of our personal information like name, address, bank account information, and credit card numbers are shared online, some sort of identity theft protection is well worth the minimal cost.  I cover Nancy and myself for less than $13/month with Zander Insurance’s ID Theft Protection.  We consider it a form of insurance.

– In most ID theft cases, unless you’ve given someone express permission to use your accounts, you’re not liable for the money or credit that’s been stolen.  Just like if someone stole your checkbook and wrote bad checks from it, you’re not liable.  But one thing you must do in all ID theft cases where you don’t want to pay for it is get a police report.

– No matter what ID theft protection you get, Lifelock, Zander, Identity Guard, etc, you need to make sure it has a few things.  You don’t want just credit monitoring – ID theft can encompass your bank accounts and much more than just credit.  Also, make sure they assign an agent to your case to help you clean up the mess.  Since you’re not liable for the money, the biggest cost is the time that it takes to clean this stuff up!  Make sure they’ll give you someone to handle a lot of the work for you!