– Disability insurance is a MUST-HAVE!  I don’t care about short-term disability as much as long-term disability.  An emergency fund will help you through a short-term disability, but what’s going to happen long-term, six months and beyond?  A young adult has a much higher likelihood of being permanently disabled than being killed.  That makes disability insurance just as important as life insurance!

– Financially speaking, a permanent disability is much more devastating than death.  Overall, death is obviously worse.  But if looked at from a purely financial perspective, with a disability, you not only lose your income but you still have to have your basic needs met, and you may need some sort of specialized care.

– The most cost-effective way to get disability insurance is to go through your work, a professional association, or some other club or group.  That being said, you can now get reasonably-priced disability coverage on the open market as well.  Zander Insurance is a great place to get a quick and easy quote.