– We are halfway through the year!  Tomorrow the second half of 2015 begins!  If your goals for 2015 included getting control of your finances or getting on a budget, you don’t have any time to lose!  Start today, and get your budget planned for tomorrow!

– You need two primary sources to build your budget each month: your bills and your calendar.  What are your bills for this upcoming month?  What do you have going on this coming month that will affect your budget?  These change each month, so it’s important you adjust your budget for it!  Most likely, you’ll be hosting a barbecue, traveling to the beach, visiting family, buying fireworks, and running the AC a lot!  Your budget should reflect that.

– Taxes and accounting most often look back at what has happened, budgeting is looking forward to create a plan for what’s going to happen.  You don’t drive using your rear-view mirror, and you shouldn’t manage your finances looking backwards only!  You need a plan to help you look forward, and that’s the budget!