– When making a large purchase, the best way to get a deal is to take. Your. Time.  The more you research, the more you learn about the market for that item you want, the better your chances of locating a deal for it!  That goes for real estate, cars, electronics, tools, furniture, toys, and any other number of things.  He with the most patience and information wins.

– Consider buying used where appropriate.  Buying used doesn’t necessarily mean buying something beat up, scratched, and poorly cared for.  Homes and cars are easy to buy used, but you can save TONS of money allowing someone else to pay retail price for your tools, toys, and electronics.  Many times we don’t even think to walk into a pawn shop to see if they have the tool we need for 60% of the retail price.

– Being a Prime member, my favorite app for real-time price shopping is the Amazon app.  It can use your phone’s camera to scan the item or the item’s barcode and instantly pull up the price for that item on the Amazon marketplace.  When I’m walking through a store and see an item that interests me, I just pull out the app to see if I can get it for a better price online!

Question: What are your favorite ways to get deals?