– Do you have any bills that you pay quarterly, semi-annually, or annually?  Maybe your insurance premium, membership dues, tuition, or property taxes would fall into that category.  The easiest way to make sure those don’t sneak up on you is to “level” them out into a monthly amount.

– For example, maybe your property taxes on your home are $1200 annually.  Instead of that $1200 jumping up on you and thrashing your budget that month, set aside $100 in your budget each month, so that money is there when you need to pay the bill!  You just have to make to base your spending on your budget, not on your checking account balance!

– If the irregular expense is quarterly, divide by three.  Semi-annual, divide by six.  The best time to start doing this is immediately after your last payment, so you build up the cash for when the expense comes around again!  To track what you set aside, my free Savings Tracker Tool can be a huge asset!