We lose so much when we focus on our lack.  We lose our focus, we lose our trust, we lose the potential to do something great.  We even lose the chance for something great because we lose the faith that it can happen.

When God asked Moses to stand up to the most powerful empire in the world, he didn’t send him with anything great.  He didn’t send him with an army of rough rider angels to come against the King of Egypt with force.  The interaction between God and Moses is fascinating as God repeatedly gives Moses his task, and Moses repeatedly makes excuses.

One of those excuses we see in Exodus 4:1 – But Moses protested again, “What if they won’t believe me or listen to me?  What if they say, ‘The Lord never appeared to you’?”

God’s answer is fascinating.  He doesn’t say, “My voice will thunder from heaven,” or “these UFC angels will mess those people up for you.”  God instead asks Moses a simple question:

What is that in your hand?

You have to imagine, what is Moses thinking at this point? What? Why does that matter?  Aren’t you God; why are you asking me? 

Moses answers, “A shepherd’s staff.”

God then instructs Moses to throw down his staff, and it becomes a snake.  Moses was to use that to demonstrate God’s power and prove that God was on his side.

I think many times, God will ask us to do the same.  He’ll ask us to trust that he’ll use what we have in our hands right now.  He’ll ask us to take our eyes off what we lack – be it money, influence, power, status, platform, resources – and step out, believing he’ll use what we do have.

We see the same principle in the parable of the three servants in Matthew 25.  The master didn’t ask the servants to work miracles, he just asked them to use well what they had in their hands, what they had been given.

Of course we could take our business/life/ministry to the next level if only we had more money, more time, more influence, more connections, more subscribers, more technology, more people, etc. ad infinitum.  But God may not promise that, or grant that right away, because he wants us to trust him to use what we have in our hands right now – the money, resources, time, influence, connections, subscribers and technology that we do have.

Furthermore, if we entrust what we have to God’s use, he’ll entrust more to us in the future (see the parable of the three servants in Matthew 25).

So what do you have in your hand?  It’s what God can use.  May we stop focusing on our lack and focus on what He’s already given us, and watch as he puts his power behind it and does something amazing.