– The place to get your truly FREE credit report, annually, as guaranteed by law is at AnnualCreditReport.com.  This does not include your credit score, but the report of what is in your credit file for each of the three credit bureaus – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

– You can get your reports and scores elsewhere as well, but they’ll most likely cost you.  Experian will give you your Experian credit score for free through Credit.com, but to get or view your credit scores from all three bureaus over time will cost you a monthly subscription, or somewhere in the range of $40-60 one time.

– All that being said, I simply provide this information to you to help you address any irregularities in your credit that may exist.  My credit score is whacked out because I am debt free, and I’m cool with that!  I’m intentionally planning to not borrow money again, so I won’t need a credit score.  My score doesn’t matter to me, and I’d love for yours not matter for you too.  Until then, you can use the resources above to help you keep track of it.