It’s the start of the month; hopefully you’ve got that budget done for September!

– Budgeting is not just a limitation, telling you what you can’t do.  It’s also freedom and permission to spend!  A budget gives you freedom to spend on fuel, food, and fun without worrying if you’re spending the rent, light bill money, or insurance premiums.

– The longer you budget, the better you’ll get at it!  You won’t be good at it the first go-around; it will take a few months to get it all right!  The average family really takes about 90 days to get into the swing of budgeting.  Just because your first month is ugly, frustrating, and not on-track, don’t give up!

– When budgeting and forecasting your expenses, pull from three sources: Last month’s expenses, this month’s bills, and this month’s calendar.  Those three things will help you get the best possible idea of what your expenses will look like this month.