So I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately… due to a big change that we’re undergoing, I haven’t been able to be as active on the blog as I normally like to be. I’m writing today to let you know about a new season that I’m entering, and explain how it will change things for my daily work and blog activities.

I began writing a few years ago as an outlet to share our financial experience and what we were learning as we were on the journey to debt freedom and how I help others do the same.  It was a chore at first, but I found writing about the knowledge and experience I’ve gained to be a fulfilling exercise.  Thanks to the feedback I’ve received on my posts about any number of various financial topics, I know the content I’ve produced has been helpful to many of you as you’re on your own financial journey.

Okay so what’s the change? Get to the point!

This week, I’ll be in Orlando, Florida training for my new position with an organization called The C12 Group. I’ve been in discussions with them since early this year when the local representative approached me about the prospect of coming on board with them.

C12 is an executive roundtable group for Christian CEOs and business owners who want to grow their businesses and use them to make an eternal impact.  In our monthly group meetings with 10-15 members each, we study an incredible business curriculum, discuss ways to do ministry within a business context, share ideas and questions in an open-forum time, and hear from one member in-depth about their business so members can provide counsel on their most pressing issues.  As a Chair, I’ll be facilitating the meetings and connecting members with the people and resources they need to take their business to the next level.

Nancy and I visited our first group in March and were blown away by the impact C12 can have on members and the earnest desire of members to both grow their businesses and make an eternal impact! It was amazing to see businesses from the community (several that we knew) express their deep desire to love and serve the Lord with their business.

The more I learned about C12 and the more I interacted with people in the organization, the more I was drawn to it. It represents a perfect intersection of business and ministry, which is where my gifting lies. It represents an amazing opportunity to serve and help empower businesses, which I have already been doing, but at another level entirely. As we went along, we asked God to close doors or make it clear if I was not to connect with C12. The opposite has in fact happened: Doors that probably shouldn’t have opened have, in fact, opened, and it’s clear that my new calling is to work with business owners in this context.

What does that mean for my blog and coaching?

That’s the most challenging part.  Part of the reason getting to this point has taken so long is that I had to decide if I was going to set aside my existing coaching activities. C12 Chairs are fully vocationally committed to their work – it’s one of the only executive roundtable groups that offers this. Going forward, I won’t be accepting any additional coaching clients for business or personal finances.

(Existing clients, if all this is news to you, please check your email.)

Additionally, while Nancy and I will be keeping most of our speaking engagements, the time required to fulfill my responsibilities with this new opportunity won’t leave enough time for us to prepare and execute an awesome workshop like we hoped. Despite interest and good registration, we’re sad that we won’t be able to host The Engaged Entrepreneur workshop in November as we had planned.

Lastly, my blog will undergo some changes as well. While the content will remain up for searching and sharing, some structure of the site will change. Also, I’ll transition from my regular three-times-a-week schedule to more intermittent posting, focused more on life and financial topics that are on my mind at the time. You’ll also see some C12-themed content here to help empower you to grow your business and use it to make an eternal impact. To those of you who read regularly or are subscribed – thanks for being involved! I’ve deeply enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned with you.

Like many life transitions, this one is bittersweet. With certainty that God has called me to the work of C12, I can take hold of it with a full heart! But to do that requires I let go of other things – the hard part. But God is faithful!

Nancy and I are thrilled about this new season and what it will bring!  Onward and upward!