A New Season

So I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately… due to a big change that we’re undergoing, I haven’t been able to be as active on the blog as I normally like to be. I’m writing today to let you know about a new season that I’m entering, and explain how it will change things for my daily work and blog activities.

I began writing a few years ago as an outlet to share our financial experience and what we were learning as we were on the journey to debt freedom and how I help others do the same.  It was a chore at first, but I found writing about the knowledge and experience I’ve gained to be a fulfilling exercise.  Thanks to the feedback I’ve received on […]

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What do You Have in Your Hand?

We lose so much when we focus on our lack.  We lose our focus, we lose our trust, we lose the potential to do something great.  We even lose the chance for something great because we lose the faith that it can happen.
When God asked Moses to stand up to the most powerful empire in the world, he didn’t send him with anything great.  He didn’t send him with an army of rough rider angels to come against the King of Egypt with force.  The interaction between God and Moses is fascinating as God repeatedly gives Moses his task, and Moses repeatedly makes excuses.
One of those excuses we see in Exodus 4:1 – But Moses protested again, “What if they won’t believe me or listen […]

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Financial Questions to Discus Before Putting a Ring on It

So you think you’re in love.  You think – you hope – you’re going to spend the rest of your life with him.  You love everything about her, and nothing, nothing, could make you love her any less, especially not something as trivial as money.  *sheesh*

STOP STOP STOP!  This is me reaching through the computer giving you a proverbial slapping around – snap out of it!

The first thing that your minister will say when you stand before him (and God) will go something along the lines of, “Marriage is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly; but reverently, soberly, and in the fear of God.”  It’s time to sober up, friend!  Get out of that love-drunk stupor, and start thinking clearly about how money could affect your […]

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Happy Birthday, America!

I love Independence Day.  It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year.  With all the crazy we have here, I still love America.

Most years, I read the Declaration of Independence.  This year, I’ll still do that, but I’m adding the United States Constitution to my reading list, the legal document that established our government and enshrines the rights given to us by God, recognized by a group of men over 200 years ago.  I love it’s preamble:
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United […]

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We Had a Baby!

Wow wow wow what a whirlwind 3 weeks it has been!  We are celebrating three weeks with our little Milly Elizabeth Ray tomorrow, and we are so, so grateful.  I have a new respect for all parents, mine included.  It has been a challenging yet incredibly wonderful time.  Mama and baby are doing great!

Thanks for bearing with me as the blog has not been up to its usual schedule these last few weeks.  I fully intended to have more posts written ahead of time, but trying to fit everything in before the birth (including a new brand and website for Nancy) left me with too little time.  I have a bunch of ideas pent up waiting to be discussed and worked over!

Many, many people left congratulatory […]

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6 Ways to Love Your Husband Financially

A little while back, I did a short series on How to Love Your Wife Financially (part 2).  I know for a fact there was a decent amount of wives sharing that article with husbands, so I thought I would help the guys out on this and let them share one with the wives as well.  Marriage is a two-way street, and I’m of the belief that both partners can always improve on something!

For the previous series I interviewed Nancy, to find out how she felt most loved in relation to our money.  I got her input on this as well, but since I know what makes me feel most loved, I interviewed myself for this one.

Ladies, here are some ways you can love your […]

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New Album from My Sister

No, “My Sister” is not a band.  Literally, my sister, Jess Ray, has recorded and recently released her best work yet (in my opinion) in the new album Sentimental Creatures.  She’s a talented artist and musician, and this album is a treat.

It’s full of beautiful, relaxed folk and deep lyrics that will get you thinking about life in a deeper way.  The album is available on iTunes and Bandcamp as of this week!  Listen for free on Bandcamp.

If you’re local to Raleigh, she’ll be putting on a pretty sweet release party tomorrow night, Saturday the 16th of May at the Old Depot on West Davie Street, downtown.  You can get tickets here.

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Living Like No One Else: Babymoon

A little over a month ago, Nancy and I had the privilege of traveling to California for a week ahead of Baby Ray’s arrival next month for a special “babymoon” trip for just the two of us.

We knew all along that we wanted to take a trip, but it took us a very long time to settle on a spot to visit.  Decisiveness is not one of our collective strengths.  We considered multiple locations in the Western US, and we also gave serious consideration to both Spain and Italy, before deciding with finality in late January to go to California at the beginning of March.

Our biggest mistake on most trips is to try to do too much, then we come home feeling exhausted; so we vowed […]

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When You Can’t Do It All

So I screwed up.  I’ve been strong in my regular Monday, Tuesday, Thursday blogging schedule this week, but the end of last week and this week I’ve been weak sauce.  On top of that, I’ve been downing myself over missing my blogging goals, because it’s an integral part of my strategy.

Wednesday night around 10:45 Nancy said, “You don’t have to get a post up tonight, the world’s not gonna  end.”  I actually replied, “I know the world won’t end, but my business will!”

#dramaqueen.  Puh-leeeze.  Gag me.

I’m back in the saddle, and will do better next time, but getting behind and failing at catching up to my man-made standards made me remember a few truths.

1) I’m thankful for the Gospel.  That’s what it’s all about.  We can’t measure […]

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10 Ways to Love Your Wife Financially [Part 2]

Today we’ll continue with Part 2 of How to Love your Wife Financially.  See Part 1 here!

6) Work hard to provide at least what’s needed for the family’s necessities. 

In the excellent book His Needs, Her Needs, Dr. Willard Harley outlines what he has discovered from multiple decades of marriage counseling.  He explains that in all of the marriages he’s seen break down, there was a failure of one spouse (or both) to meet a fundamental need in the other.  One of those needs for wives is financial security.

From Dr. Harley’s extensive experience, he states that most women don’t mind helping to supplement income if it allows the family to live at a higher standard of living.  But, he says, most women do not want to be the one providing for the […]

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