Technical Update: Contact Page

A quick apology and update about my “Contact” page!

I just recently became aware that my Contact page was not properly working because I didn’t configure it properly.  If you have used the contact form on the Contact page since I transitioned to this new blog, I promise I haven’t been ignoring you, I just never got your email!

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, and if it seemed that I “ignored” your message or was terrible about getting back to you, please forgive me!  I would still love to hear from you, and the *new* contact form is up and working properly!

Thanks for your understanding!

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February Goals

Here we are, February, back in the saddle after missing one month of goal-setting (but still accomplishing some great things).

I’m glad to be past January.  Today wraps up our “Whole 30,” a 30-day Paleo-style body reset.  No grain, no dairy, no beans, no sugar.  Period.  It’s been a challenge.  The upside is that between this and the sugar fasts we did last year, I’m 20 pounds lighter than I was a year ago at this time.  I did that without a whole ton of exercise – I run with Nancy maybe one or two times each week, and that’s all.

With that said, February’s gonna be a great month.

February Goals

– Research (and possibly begin) an intense workout program – P90X, Insanity, etc.  Any suggestions?
– Read Good to […]

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Nancy Ray Photography is growing!

Well, after many months of planning and discussion, the day is here, and Nancy Ray Photography is growing!

If you can, take a minute and meet our new team members at Nancy Ray Photography!

Congrats to my beautiful wife on making this happen!

Here’s to some great things happening in 2013!

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Black Friday at Mega Mart

I just wanted to make sure you all knew about the amazing sales they have going on at Mega Mart this Friday!  Don’t miss out!


PS, don’t get trampled.

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Don’t Let Jesus’ Birthday Ruin Your Financial Plan

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year.

With Thanksgiving in just a few days, the retail Christmas season is already in full swing.  Having some significant experience in retail, I know that if you’re not pushing Christmas now, you’re way behind.

I was struck by a headline I saw last night – “Why one poll says 45% of people would rather skip Christmas.”  The article goes on to explain who did the polling and why many people are feeling under pretty intense financial pressure this year at Christmas.  Nearly half of the respondents said they have high or extremely high levels of stress related to the holidays.  About the same amount don’t have enough saved to cover Christmas expenses.

If you’re on a plan, if you’re […]

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November Goals

Happy Birth Month to me!  This Sunday the 4th is the day, y’all.  Still trying to decide how I feel about 27.  I feel pretty good about it so far.

October was crazy, but awesome, highlighted by 4 weddings and finishing coordinating our 3rd Financial Peace University class.

November is always fun.  The occasional election – which may or may not be on my birthday (it was in 2008).  Birthday festivities.  Cooler weather (sometimes fun).  Thanksgiving with family (always fun).  Decorating for Christmas.  November is a great month.

It represents for us a time to start to wind down the year.  A time to refocus on what’s important, while pushing hard to complete what we have undertaken this year.

Goals are coming along.  I’ve seen major progress since I […]

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New England Trip – #raysinnewengland

Anyone that follows or is friends with Nancy Ray or myself on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook saw that we were away in the Northeast for about a week and kept using the #hashtag #raysinnewengland for our posts (click that link to see all the Instagram pictures in one place).

I wrote about some of what we would be doing, spending time in NYC, Connecticut, and Boston.  (Yes, we know NYC is not considered part of New England, but we spent 5 of 7 days in Connecticut and Boston, so to keep it simple we called it our New England Trip).

Nancy has started to post some great pics in posts on her blog that she’ll be doing this week!  Head over there to see them, but here are some screenshots of […]

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What I’ve Read This Year

With two-thirds of the year clicking away last week, and currently laboring through three books (John Adams, Mere Christianity, and Platform – all great reads), I felt like I should take stock of where I stood in my reading goals for the year.

I took the picture above in February, stacking up most of the books that I hoped to read this year.  I’ve read five-and-a-half of these books (among others), including the two huge ones there towards the bottom.

I’m a touch behind on my goals, but here’s how what I’ve read stacked up so far (lol sorry couldn’t resist):

Most Enjoyable Read: The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
With the movie coming out this past March and the hype greater than ever, Nancy and I decided to check them out and […]

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