Already know you’re ready to win?  LET’S GET STARTED.

I am passionate about seeing people WIN with money.  Whether it’s in your personal life or small business, how you manage your money will dictate the goals you reach and the choices you have.

My wife and I discovered Dave Ramsey’s teaching in 2007, while we were engaged.  We began to live on his principles and share them with others.  We’ve led four Financial Peace University classes since 2010, and in December of 2013 we paid off our home following Dave’s principles, all while building a debt-free business.  I also completed Dave Ramey’s Counselor Training in February of 2013.

I offer financial coaching for both individuals/couples and small business owners who are serious about getting a handle on their money.

– Want to get out of debt?
– Want to budget effectively?
– Want to stop fighting with your spouse about your family spending?
– Are you tired of just treading water and want to start making real progress?

I can help you walk through all of that and more.

See my Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching here.  If you know you’re ready to get started, the first step is to order the coaching you wantor email me if you have any questions!

Personal Coaching – If you’re ready to leverage your personal income to reach important financial goals, or just ready to learn a little wisdom on how to handle what you’ve been given, a few hours of personal coaching can help.

I will sit down with you and review your income and budget (or help you set one up), determine your priorities, and help develop specific action steps you can take to make real progress in a few months.  The beauty of coaching is that it’s highly tailored to your specific situation.

Small Business Coaching – I’ve spent countless hours in the last seven years helping my wife grow her small business.  If you’re a small business owner trying to get things off the ground, if you want to increase profitability, or just get your arms around how much your business is making, business coaching is the way to go.

We’ll work through your small business numbers, and you’ll be empowered to increase profitability, make better choices, and get a real handle on your business finances.

Please note: Completion of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Counselor Training does not make me an employee or agent of Dave Ramsey, nor give me the right to speak for or bind him, nor constitute an endorsement by him.