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I’m a financial coach.  Similar to a personal trainer, I provide direction, accountability, encouragement to help you set and achieve your financial goals.

Here is what I draw on to coach other people in their personal and business finances:

  • Experience: Nancy and I have lived on these principles since 2007, and are now completely debt free, including a paid-for home.
  • Completion of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Counselor Training
  • Participant in Dave Ramsey’s Pro Coach Workshop
  • Experience: Building a profitable, debt-free business with an initial investment of $2000.
  • Coordinator for five Financial Peace University classes and one Legacy Journey class
  • Dave Ramsey, Robert Kiyosaki, Rabbi Daniel Lappin, Nick Murray, and Dr. Thomas J. Stanley have all influenced my financial philosophy

Our sessions can be as general or specific as your situation dictates.  We can do a comprehensive review of your entire financial plan, or we can focus on specific trouble spots.  I’ve worked with clients on the following topics:

– Budgeting
– Types of insurance
– Understanding their cash flow
– Debt reduction plan
– Savings goals
– Prioritizing goals
– Retirement savings

Having helped my wife Nancy Ray build a profitable, debt-free business over the last six years on an initial $2000 investment, I love to share that knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs.  With my small business clients, we work on any of the following:

– Understanding cash flow and basic financial reports
– Establishing profitability (most common theme)
– Moving from part-time to full-time
– Growing business savings
– Eliminating business debt
– Getting your finances organized – making sense of all the numbers and cleaning up the mess

No, I do not sell any financial products, other than my time and advice.  Honestly, this is one thing I love about what I do.  I can offer my unbiased opinion on different financial products and services, because I don’t sell any of them!  Also, clients can sit down with me knowing there won’t be a sales pitch for an insurance or investment product they don’t understand at the end of our meeting.

I’m local to the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina market, but I coach couples and businesses all over the country.  I do both in-person coaching for local clients as well as distance coaching via Skype.   If you’re local and would prefer to do video or phone coaching because of your schedule, that’s fine as well.

Absolutely!  Once I receive payment for the coaching package you want, I’ll send out a couple of forms right away for you to complete.  These simple documents will give me a good overview of your finances, so we don’t spend your paid coaching time for me to understand the basics of your situation.  The forms include a financial overview, as well as a monthly expenses and debt list.

I do coaching sessions in focused, one-hour segments, generally centered on one topic of your choosing.  I find that the focused, one-hour sessions are a good amount of time to attack a specific problem and get moving in the right direction, without being too prolonged or drawn out.

The vast majority of my sessions happen during normal business hours, but if your work situation will not allow that, I have a few limited spots after-hours.

For married couples doing personal coaching, it really isn’t productive unless both spouses agree to be coached.  That just means both spouses would need to be present and engaged.  For small business coaching, I do not require that both spouses be present unless they both run the business.

No.  While I have completed his Financial Counselor Training in Brentwood, TN, as well as being a part of their Pro Coaching events, I’m not officially associated with them.  I use many of the principles that Dave Ramsey teaches and champions in my coaching.

Now in legal terms: Completion of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Counselor Training does not make me an employee or agent of Dave Ramsey, nor give me the right to speak for or bind him, nor constitute an endorsement by him.

1) Go here to select and pay for your coaching sessions.
2) Fill out the simple forms detailing your financial situation and what you want to cover.
3) Send them back to me, and we’ll get you on the schedule.

Note: I don’t schedule sessions without getting payment and your forms back.  This helps keep us from having to re-schedule because I don’t have the information I need to discuss your situation.